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Behind the Scenes  

Meet the Father Daughter Duo 

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Nick   "Nicky" DiCarlo 

The Mastermind 

Ava DiCarlo 

The Woman in Charge 

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"No matter where you go or turn, you will always end up at home."

"No matter where you go or turn, you will always end up at home."

Pics Opening Day 1
OPening day 7 _edited_edited
Opening day 6
Opening day 5
opening day 3
OPening day 2
Family pic
BCC Cafe

  It's a word yes but it's also a song written by Neil Peart drummer for Rush. This song has carried me through everything in my life.

 Over a decade ago found a new bottom several times, but the last bottom I decided I hurt the last person from my daughter to mother, I have shamed myself and family for the very last time! So after losing a successful  business that I was so proud of and being fresh out of jail "yes jail" I started shoveling mulch for a very good friend swallowing the pride I didn't have anymore but I never looked back for the next 12 years I grinded harder than anyone I know, took chances, lost everything 3 separate times investing in myself, I was kicked punched and knocked down, but my momma didn't raise me to stay down. So kicked and punched back harder, the lord has blessed me with a will that I don't even understand and don't try to. I just know I am blessed and now able to use the full round of my talents for all of you and give it back, right my wrongs!! And yes I am proud of that and that is Bravado to me!

Nicky DiCarlo  

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What is Bravado ? 

Let's Get

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